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At age 37, Zlatan Ibrahimovic boasts of “Winning DNA” with his LA Galaxy move. It’s not new for European top footballers to make a move to MLS in their twilight years, but making such bold comment does surprise us. We hope MLS fans will get used to it because Zlatanera has arrived in Major League Soccer.

Ibrahimovic has lived his life lavishly on the pitch. He doesn’t fear anyone and he has been in news wherever he has gone. He wears his performances on his sleeve and quite vocal about his achievements. And another example of his charismatic style got witnessed when he told the world about his move to La Galaxy.

Swedish football ends with Zlatanera

He said in a video released by the club, “I want to win as much as possible. With all my clubs, among the best in the world, in all the championships I went, I won, it’s no secret. I come here with this goal: I want to win, Winning is in my DNA.”

“LA Galaxy is right for me, I have a lot to offer them. I can help them a lot, they are the best team in MLS. There was no doubt in my mind”, Ibra told about his choice to move to LA Galaxy.

 There are concerns about his ability at this stage and especially after suffering a long sustained injury. But he said, “I trained very hard, I have not played for a while, I miss it, but I need to play to find the rhythm. The more I play, the better I’ll be.”

Zlatan never needed a PR. He is very good at doing it himself. A Los Angeles Times’ ad run on Friday says, “Dear Los Angeles, You’re welcome.” It’s very striking for LA Galaxy fans because an outsider is welcoming them in their own home.

Ibrahimovic is pretty good with these kinds of stuff. When he was asked whether Los Angeles is big enough to handle his personality, Zlatan adds, “if it’s not, I’ll make it bigger.”

It’s definitely a bold statement. Whether it has the backing of same Zlatan or not, Zlatanera is going to continue. The only difference is he’ll be entertaining us in a different league, in a different country which takes his tally to six different countries.


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