Alexis Sanchez dominating the terms at Arsenal, demands Arsene Wenger removal

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The news around Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil contract saga is not going to end as easily as coach Arsene Wenger must have thought. He cleared the air, saying duo will stay at Emirates till their contract expires in 2018, whether they renew their contract or not. But, Spanish daily Don Balon has revealed a different perspective into the situation. According to Don Balon reports, it’s Chilean Alexis Sanchez, who is dominating the terms at Arsenal, and he has three demands to renew his contract, and one of them is he doesn’t want long term coach Arsene Wenger at Arsenal helm any longer. He is delaying his contract renewal in hope that Arsene Wenger will not be at gunners’ touchline next season.

It’s not only Arsene Wenger removal is on his cards, he has already mentioned, he no longer feels any inferior to Messi & Ronaldo. And, it can be judged by his sportsmanship on the ground, as well as his eagerness to dominate the terms off-the-field at Emirates. He has laid three demands on the table :

First, he wants wage improvement to renew his contract. His current wage is £130,000 per week, which is way lower than his expectation. He wants any where near the wages of Premier League best paid footballer – Paul Pogba, who receives £290,000 per week at Manchester United.

Second, he wants to see an environment in which Arsenal will become one of the best team in the world, and for that he obviously wants to see Mesut Ozil continue at Emirates as well. He wants to make Arsenal a more competitive to win some silverware, which will need more investment into the squad, and under Wenger management they have been quite reluctant to spent.

And, third in his opinion, Arsene Wenger is no longer fit to lead Arsenal from the touchline. According to him, he has already given everything he had to offer to the gunners, and now they need fresh ideas from the touchline, which is basically missing. Now, it’s all on Gunners fans, whom they want to continue with, Mr. Wenger – who is already in his retirement age, and only continuing because he wants to surpass Alex Ferguson record years at Manchester United, or they would love to see player with potential like Mesut Ozil & Alexis Sanchez continue at Emirates.

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