No Ronaldo, No Griezmann show, it’s Eder who made Portugal champions of Europe

What a night it was, surely not a night to remember for the host France but Portugal has every right to celebrate. Portugal became the champion of Europe in Stade de France with 1-0 win over the host France in extra time display. No Ronaldo, no Griezmann show from either side, it’s Eder who made Portugal the champions of Europe for the very first time with Euro 2016 trophy.

Ronaldo started the game, but he couldn’t continue it after 24 minutes. Within first 24 minutes he left the pitch three times, but his injury didn’t allow him to be back on pitch for the fourth time. Ronaldo’s crying baby face come true on the occasion but Portugal men on the pitch were determined to give everything and they did. They honored their star striker and captain the Euro 2016 trophy which he was desperate to win for his country. He didn’t took part in the final glory on pitch but he certainly helped them in their journey towards final.

Eder goal become the historic moment for Portugal

Portugal become European champions, despite losing Ronaldo within  24 minutes, despite winning only one match in 90 minutes, despite looking like they could have lose 4-0 in the first 10 minutes. The history repeats itself, and sometimes it’s written very unfairly. In 2004 Euro final, Portugal were the host but they loose 1-0 against the underdogs Greece. Twelve year later, France are the host and they loose 1-0 against Portugal who had very little chance of winning it, and after loosing Ronaldo in first 24 minutes, we could discard that as well. But, someones’ loss always result in gains for someone else. Eder takes place in Portugal team as a substitute and his name become the part of the biggest historic moment in Portuguese football.

Eder makes Portugal European champion

The Lille forward never fancied by the Portuguese manager Fernando Santos, but you cannot take away someones’ glory moment from him. He scored a thunderous strike from 25 yards when he has no help infront of him, and he has only shooting option left. He scored a 25 yard stunner keeping it low in left corner, even Hugo Lloris dive couldn’t save it. This was the end of France hope of winning Euro 2016, it was all buried and Portugal has all the joy to capture in this moment.

Football is a funny game, and gives us a nerve wrecking experience sometimes. Portugal played 7 games in their journey to final, out of which they registered a single win within 90 minutes. If it wouldn’t have been Iceland’s injury time goal against Austria, Portugal would not have become European champions. In the last 20 years, Portugal have had teams with far more attacking intent and flair, and they won bugger all. This team will forever be the first Portugal side to win a major tournament, and this will not include their only star attraction Ronaldo even on the score sheet. They played final without him and they did it, they are Euro 2016 champions.

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