Euro 2016: Will it be Ronaldo’s portugal dream or France home joy

Euro 2016 journey will end tomorrow, the host France will take on the fortunate Portugal who has managed to reach to the final without displaying a single footballing moment to remember in this tournament except a Ronaldo’s back heel & header. Portugal success lies on Ronaldo’s shoulders and more than that Ronaldo’s career achievement depends on Portugal success. France is undoubtedly the best team in Euro 2016, and they are favorite to win the Europe’s elite trophy but you can’t rank Portugal team any lower than France, especially when they have Ronaldo in their attack.

Ronaldo dreams about winning something for his country and the host France joy which will come as a healing after a bloodshed in Stade de France is at stake. France will play for both reasons; to keep the trophy at home which only France has managed to do so as a host nation in 1984 Euro and to tribute it the people and their family who had died in Stade de France terrorist attack last year. The reason for France are obvious to make them favorite but Portugal have their own reasons to tribute to their star Cristiano Ronaldo a prestigious award in his trophy cabinet. An individual reputation and a country honor, will it be Ronaldo’s Portugal dream or France home joy?


France leads the head to head records against Portugal. France has played 18 wins, 1 draw and 5 loss to Portugal.France is unbeaten against Portugal in their last ten encounters. Portugal last avoided defeat against the French in 1975, when they won a friendly 2-0 in Paris.France’s 10-game winning streak includes the three previous meetings at major tournaments, all of which came at the semi-final stage. Michel Platini hit a late winner as France won 3-2 in extra time at Euro 1984, while Zinedine Zidane scored a golden goal (via a penalty) as the French won 2-1 at Euro 2000. And another Zidane spot-kick put France in the 2006 World Cup final with a 1-0 win.

France has always enjoyed playing finals at home. They won 1984 Euro Cup at home, they won 1998 World Cup at home and now once again they will be playing Portugal for Euro 2016 in Stade de France. The favorites have a home advantage and psychological boost of winning the tournament played at home.


Ronaldo would love to take the trophy home, which he misses as a 19 year old kid in 2004 final against Greece at home but France as a nation has some other reasons to keep it at home. Portugal has Ronaldo who can change the game in a blink of eye time but France has everything in their armor to win a match. There are proven individual talents in this France team who can change the game on their own. Dimitri Payet, Paul pogba, Olivier Giroud, and Antoine Griezmann, all have the capability to win the game on their own.

Antoine Griezmann is the star of this tournament with 6 goals and he has good chance to catch up the legendry Michel platini record of 9 goals set up in 1984 Euro. Griezmann has certainly emerged as a player to watch out in Europe, he led Atletico Madrid to champions league final, he led France to Euro 2016 final, and if he wins it for France, he may have a prestigious award Ballon d’or to his name which in last 8 years have only belong to Lionel Messi or Ronaldo.

Individual awards will matter but it’s country success which comes first. Ronaldo’s Portugal dream will end or his emotions will flourish in Stade de France, we don’t know but he certainly would love to add a trophy for Portugal in his trophy cabinet. France home joy will continue or they will be drown in sorrow is only 24 hours away and one of the sports biggest event is coming in our way as Euro 2016 final tomorrow live at 12:30 Am IST on SonySix and SonyESPN.

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