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Pep Guardiola have full praise for Ibrahimovic & Mourinho

First Jose Mourinho praised Guardiola’s Manchester City, saying City is more dangerous without Aguero than with him. And, now Guardiola has all praise for Mourinho and his talisman striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Current City manager didn’t have a good relationship with either one during his stay in Spain at Barcelona, but he didn’t want to continue his bitter relationships with both stars at Red devils helm. Guardiola goes all gaga for both of them ahead of Saturday’s lunch time Manchester derby.

Ibrahimovic departure on loan to AC Milan after playing only one second under Guardiola at Barcelona, made it quite clear Spaniard doesn’t like much the Swede star. And, Swede made it open calling Spaniard “a Spineless Coward” in his autobiography, but Guardiola ahead of Manchester derby had all praise for Zlatan as well as Mourinho.

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“There’s no doubt about Ibrahimovic’s quality,” Guardiola said at his pre-match press conference. “I have a lot of respect for what Zlatan has done for football. He’s one of the best players and of course the best players impact the way they arrive in the clubs with the talent immediately. Some players have to understand the league – the best players do it quickly and he’s one of the best ones.”

Speaking on his relationships with Mourinho,”I said it many times – I have a lot of respect for Mourinho,” he said. “I always try to learn from all of my colleagues – it’s the same with him. The rivalry is more from the media and we can’t control that.

“He was my coach, my assistant coach with Sir Bobby Robson [when Guardiola was a player at Barcelona]. Okay, the last period at Barcelona and Real Madrid was not easy for both of us but we met each other two, three weeks ago at the manager’s Premier League meeting. We spoke fluently with Ronald Koeman and Tony Pulis. It was correct, so that’s all. Of course I’ll accept a glass of wine after the game if he invites me.”

A three weeks of time and one meeting at manager’s Premier League meeting, and now he is ready to share a glass of wine after the game with Mourinho, but it’s not going to be that easy, it depends on who will win tomorrow and the winning coach is not going to have any objection in offering a glass of wine, but the losing side coach may not gonna like that gesture.

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