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Manchester derby, Old Firm derby, Atletico Madrid vs Celta Vigo


Manchester derby, Celtic vs Rangers derby, and Atletico vs Celta De Vigo have to share the world viewership

Three big games on Saturday afternoon, all will be played at the same time, just between your lunch hours. A Manchester derby in Manchester at Old Trafford, a Old Firm derby (Celtic vs Rangers) in Glasgow at Celta Park, and Atletico Madrid vs Celta De Vigo LaLiga match is going to take place at the same time. Manchester derby will start half-an-hour early, and it may grab the highest TV viewership and ranking, but other two games are not less important and they have the crazy amount of viewership as well.

According to Daily Records Manchester derby is watched by 2 million viewers in England, whereas Old Firm derby between Celtic and Rangers has 500,000 viewership. More than 500,000 people in the UK watched the Scottish Cup semi-final between the Glasgow giants last season while nearly two million tuned in for a Manchester derby in 2015. so, the difference is not big in viewership of both the derby but yes economic wise Manchester derby is more valuable, and at global front Manchester derby has an edge over other two matches.

But, the other problem is Manchester and Premier League fans mostly belongs to Asian countries. And LaLiga president Javier Tebas claims,“In China they will be watching Celta-Atletico more than United-City because it is more open,” the 54-year-old told Cadena Cope.

So, if Tebas is to be believed Chinese viewership belongs to LaLiga fixture, which cut almost half of the viewership of Asia. In global viewership Old Firm derby may not compete, but there is always a competition between Premier League fixtures and LaLiga Santanders fixtures. And, Atletico Madrid is one of the top team of LaLiga, and haven’t been able to win a single match from their last two fixtures, so Atleti fans are definitely going to watch that fixture.

Although that fixture clash is perhaps something of a mismatch, Tebas is keen to consider all options when scheduling the first Clasico of the season in December.

“Why not [play the Clasico at 13:00]?” he remarked. “I’m not sure it will necessarily be at 18:15.

“Economically, it is important that Real Madrid and Barcelona are at the top of the ratings.”

But, talking about The Great Britain, although the difference in viewing figures wasn’t that big between Manchester derby and Old Firm derby, with the Scottish audience representing 25 per cent of the total of those watching the Manchester derby, the gap in TV revenue is staggering – with Scottish game’s biggest fixture only rewarded with three per cent of the money on offer down south.

The English Premier League received an astonishing £5.136billion in TV revenue for three seasons. Of that, Sky paid £4.176bn. Break that down further and for 126 matches they will show this season it’s £1.3092bn. That works out at an average of £11,047,619 per game. So Sky are paying more than £11m for the privilege of showing the Manchester derby. Now compare this to Scottish football’s deal. Sky contribute around £9m of the £15m-a season deal our game receives from broadcasters. Sky show 30 Ladbrokes Premiership matches a season – which works out at just £333,000 a game. So the Celtic v Rangers match is worth just £333,000 compared to Manchester United v Manchester City ’s colossal £11m. as Daily Records stats says.

Let’s see which will get the highest viewership this time, and who is king of the European domestic League, whether it’s LaLiga or Premier League. It’s good to see the competition and two big clashes have to share the TV viewership who wins the battle.

Source : Marca ,  Daily Records


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