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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp doesn’t see LaLiga as competitive as Premier League

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes English football has more competitiveness than any club football in world. He has no regards for the Spanish football, although a major chunk of the world’s best footballers play in Spanish League. The teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid who consistently find themselves in  Champions League semifinal rounds doesn’t play competitive football in their native league LaLiga, including Sevilla who is three time running Europa League winner.

Jurgen Klopp outbursts in an UK DailyMail interview, ‘The biggest difference between England and the others is that the competition is always so hard. So, yes, you can play three games if you have teams with special ability, like Manchester City or Manchester United — two teams and let them play.

‘The big difference to Spain is that Barcelona can play 50 per cent of their games with Team B; or there are games where Lionel Messi runs 4.3 kilometres but scores five goals. That’s a recovery session. England has no recovery session, in absolutely any game.” 

According to Klopp, LaLiga posses half the standard of English Premier League. It might be true at domestic level to certain aspects but if we compare the performances of Premier League teams against LaLiga teams, most of the time LaLiga clubs prevail. If the standards are poor in the league, they fight day-in-day-out, how can they outplay a team who plays better competitive match day-in-day-out.

Leave, Barcelona and Real Madrid alone, even the teams like Sevilla, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao play a better football against the English teams. If Barcelona can play 50% of their game with B-team, why they need to spend on world’s best three; Messi, Neymar and Suarez. If standards are poor why they are bigger clubs than English teams, why Ronaldo goes out from Manchester United to play at Real Madrid.

There are many questions which can be raised as we all know, English game is more about physical side and less about technical side, whereas Spain excels in technical front and that’s why they play better football and rules the Europe, whether it’s elite Champions League or second division Europa League. England is nowhere in picture and still boasts of the best competitive league in the world. It may be the size of money which Premier League clubs earns make them competitive, but the quality of football in England is still half way to Spain’s LaLiga, Germany’s Bundesliga and Italy’s Serie A.

If Spain, Italy and German clubs will have the same exposure and revenue package, they can be far better and competitive than English clubs. Premier League competition is undoubtedly ranked higher, but it’s the kind of money which got invested result in competition, if the size of the Spanish clubs will match Premier League clubs, we don’t know where Premier League will exist. With low domestic competition Spanish clubs commands higher respect in Europe due to their achievement in Europe, we could imagine their position, if their league will be as competitive as it is in England.



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