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Neymar shared a clip of his musical talent on Facebook

Neymar shared a clip of his musical talent on Facebook, who is soon to be launching his own music album. We all know about his footballing pedigree, and how he has evolved as a footballer, from playing back in Brazil at Santos FC to making in Barcelona’s playing eleven. But, it’s first time Neymar has shown his second talent, his musical side.

Neymar spent the summer in US, where he met musical pedigree Justin Bieber and he may have taken some lessons from the US most controversial star in music industry still considered as a teenager, but how much fans gonna like Neymar’s musical talent is a concern. He is too good in football and he should stick with his footballing career and shouldn’t be distracted by something which only present in his fantasy.

Neymar Jr. wrote on his Facebook page: “Very happy for this achievement, guys with you, a Tubules my 1st job music:. ‘Yo Necesito’ like #Neymusico.?”.

Sitting in front of a piano, Neymar made an announcement on Wednesday, “I will release my first album I’ll give a straw for you, and you will be giving here The song is called ‘Yo necesito’ “. The video was published on the athlete’s Facebook profile and has participation from a friend identified as Gil, laughing in the background.

Neymar who was known for his magical skills in football back in Sao Paulo at Santos FC, got a nickname Neymagic, and now with musical magic he has earned the name Neymusico.

The video has already got 4.8 million views, with 222k likes and 52,243 shares. It’s only a teaser, let’s see how much his album gonna make a buzz in his  58,863,525 football fans.


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