Messi handed a 21 month jail term,no escaping from tax fraud

Lionel Messi has been handed a 21 months jail term by Barcelona court in a tax fraud case. Messi, who has taken a decision to retire from international football last month will be facing another blow of reputation damage. Messi, the five time Ballon d’or winner who is already in pain of Copa America 2016 final defeat will be facing an another low in his career.

A moment of heat decision to say goodbye to Argentine national team after Copa America final loss, and taking the blame for his missed penalty, came another blow within weeks to face a 21 months jail term in tax fraud. Messi and his father, Jorge, received the same sentence but under Spanish law a jail sentence under two years for a first-time non-violent crime can be served on probation, meaning they are unlikely to be imprisoned.

A Barcelona court found both men guilty of three counts of tax fraud. The sentence can be appealed through the Spanish supreme court, a statement said. The court ordered Messi to pay a fine of €2 million, whereas his father Jorge Messi will have to pay €1.5 million.

The court had been hearing a case brought by prosecutors who maintain that Messi and his father, Jorge, used tax havens in Belize and Uruguay as well as shell companies in the U.K. and Switzerland to avoid paying taxes totalling €4.1m on earnings from image rights from 2007 to 2009.


Lionel Messi admitted in court last month that he signed many documents without reading their contents and that he visited a notary’s office to go through with setting up a company to handle his finances without understanding what was going on. Mario Maza, Spanish court representative said that the Argentina captain’s claims of not understanding how the system worked were not acceptable, as even children knew that taxes had to be paid in full.

Messi rough patch is not ready to leave him alone. Messi is not going through the best of his time on field as well as off field. A bad career decision which came after a penalty miss, and here it comes a tax invasion case which may force him to leave Barcelona as well. Around €10 million of financial loss, and more than that it jeopardize his reputation he holds as a footballer. Two unacceptable truth coming in a quick succession for the Argentine and FC Barcelona star, and it’s more than he would have ever imagined to see a low time like this.

A player who always chooses to play football, and never took part in his financial decision is paying the price for his ignorance. His ignorance is compared to a child’s behavior but so it be, he is a child. His decision to retire after a penalty miss is a childish behavior, his ignorance to see in matters which led to his reputation damage is a childish behavior.

Messi handed a 21 month jail term,and there is no escaping from tax fraud is a bold decision by Barcelona court and it may help him to grow up and we may see a new Messi in coming years. But, the damage has been done, and Messi will be the same on pitch once again is a doubt but he needs to overcome these situations. His true test is right on his way and how he overcome will be a challenge but he needs to deal with it.

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