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Argentina govt. all in for Lionel Messi return to national team. Since, Messi has taken decision to say goodbye to international football, all is not well in Argentina. It’s a mournful time for whole nation. It’s not only about Argentina, the whole soccer world is in shock. Messi’s fans all around the world want him to return, and they are ready to do anything it will take to bring Messi back to national team. In the mean time Argentina govt has shown their gratitude by unveiling a Messi’s statue in Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

Emotional Messi took decision to retire immediately after Copa America Centenario final loss to Chile. It was a heart-breaking, shocking, and unimaginable news which surfaced around the world. Messi said something in the heat of the moment and considering this whole world unites to reconsider his decision.

“It was the thing I wanted the most, but I couldn’t get it, so I think it’s over. I think this is best for everyone. First of all for me, then for everyone. . . . It’s very hard, but the decision is taken. Now I will not try more and there will be no going back.” Messi stated.

After two days of Lionel Messi decision to quit Argentina national team, a statue of Argentine great Messi is unveiled in Buenos Aires. The bronze statue in Messi’s honour is unveiled by Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Larreta, who said he is confident the 29-year-old will reverse his decision.

Argentina President, Capital Mayor, Maradona all in for Messi return

Larretta said: “Without a doubt, I really want him to come back and without a doubt he is going to come back. I have this really overpowering faith that tells me that with him we are going to be champions in Russia [World Cup 2018]. As the saying goes, ‘fourth time lucky.”

Argentina president Mauricio Macri also had a word with Messi on Monday night. Macri told reporters on Tuesday that he told the striker “not to pay any attention to the comments being made because, in truth, we are very happy” with the job he has done.

“He thanked me,” Macri said. “I don’t understand, the truth is that he brings us luck, he brings joy to our lives and it is a gift from God to have the best player in the world for a country that is as football-mad as we are.”

Diego Maradona, 1986 World Cup winning legend appealed to Messi to make a come back as well. “Messi must carry on in the national team … because he still has a lot to give, because he’ll get to [the 2018 World Cup hosts] Russia with chances of being world champion,” Maradona told the Argentinian daily La Nación.

Argentina as a nation is trying to persuade Messi to revert his decision in as many ways as possible. There is a campaign going on in Argentina which says,No te vayas Lio”: Lio, don’t go. There is hoarding all around, people are campaigning on roads, TV channels, political parties all set for No te vayas Lio”: Lio, don’t go.

The world is not behind, they all unite as well with hastag #NoTeVayasMessi campaign. Argentina govt all in for Messi return, Argentina as a nation all in for Messi return, worldwide fans all in for Messi return.No te vayas Lio”: Lio, don’t go.


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