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Cristiano Ronaldo bicycle kick wins it all – Juve fans, coach, and players’ admiration. It rarely happens in a footballer career that he is applauded by his opponent on the pitch in an intense match. You may be a great player but rival fans can’t respect you for hurting them. You can’t expect them to go gaga for you. They are here to support their home team. It’s their moral obligation to support their team and yet moments like those arrive. When they are bound to stand on their feet and clap for you…

Cristiano Ronaldo braces himself ending Juventus’ revenge fiasco

Real Madrid took the lead against Juventus with match barely started. Ronaldo scored with his one of tricky feet and it disheartened Juve fans. They booed the Portuguese superstar and booing continues till the moment of brilliance arrived.

Daniel Carvajal made his run forward and served a beautiful cross in the box. Ronaldo leaped backward and he had only milliseconds to execute a bicycle kick. He took it brilliantly that everyone in Juve’s penalty area including legendary goalkeeper Gigi Buffon stands still to watch the beauty. He didn’t move and boom, the ball was in the right corner.

A moment of silence was on the pitch, in the stands, even Ronaldo was in disbelief what’s happened. He looked back and the ball was in the net. He made his run towards the stand to celebrate the goal, and the whole crowd in the stadium erupts on their feet to applause the genius.

Ronaldo thanked Juve fans for the respect they gave him. He said in his post-match comment, “It was an incredible moment. I want to thank all the Juventus fans as they have done something fantastic that has never happened to me during my career.”

Juventus’ coach Massimiliano Allegri also has full praise for Ronaldo. He said, “I don’t know if Cristiano’s goal is the best in the history of football but it’s certainly an extraordinary goal. you can only congratulate him for what’s he is doing at present.”

Allegri also explains Juve fans’ applaud to Ronaldo. He said, “He has been the best forward in the world in recent years. He has a clarity that nobody else has. The fans showed class [by applauding]. Football is a show and when there is a moment like this one, it is correct to applaud.”

Ronaldo has become the first player to score in 10 consecutive Uefa Champions League games and once again leading the chart with 14 strikes. He has taken his Uefa Champions League goals tally to 119. Buffon in admiration admits, “Ronaldo is a player who is at an incredible level. Ronaldo’s worth is comparable to [Diego] Maradona, [Lionel] Messi or Pele.”

He adds as Marca reports, “My Champions League dream is over because the best has stopped it. We played against the champions of an incredible level. Their ability makes everything much more difficult and it forced us to become less precise than usual. It’s hugely disappointing and in the end, we probably won’t progress. But it is also true that in certain situations you must take stock and compliment an opponent that was stronger.”


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