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Lionel Messi being a star, Barcelona classic Wembley performance, Tottenham vs Barcelona, UEFA Champions League

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Messi being a star, Barcelona gave another classic performance at Wembley

Barcelona and Lionel Messi love playing at Wembley and why they shouldn’t be, it’s the holy ground where they lifted the prestigious UEFA Champions League trophy twice. Once again they got the chance to give a classic performance at Wembley, although it wasn’t final but the intensity of the game was nothing less than a final match. In the end, Lionel Messi being a star, Barcelona gave another classic performance at Wembley.

Barcelona were on board within two minutes of the game thanks to Lionel Messi’s work which helped Philippe Coutinho to score a brilliant goal in an open net. Messi shook off Son Heung-Min and played a brilliant pass to Jordi Alba. Hugo Lloris coming off the line made a big mistake and Alba passed the ball for Coutinho who scored a surgical strike to beat two Tottenham players. Barcelona lead 0-1.

Since then, Barcelona completely dominated the first-half of the game. Spurs never looked like causing trouble for Barcelona although they did press Barcelona defence to cause havoc in their defensive shape. But, that only helped in allowing Barcelona more space to stretch forward.

Messi once again led the move with a inch perfect pass to Luis Suarez. Suarez chests the ball for Coutinho who shoots only for Lloris to force a save but Brazilian made a great effort to keep the ball in play and from rebound effort Ivan Rakitic produced a stunner. Rakitic’s half-volley hit the left post before going inside into the net to give Barcelona 0-2 advantage.

It was a dull first-half for Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham side and it could have been a disaster if Messi hasn’t been denied twice by post in second-half. It has been this season highlight because Messi has hit the post nine times this season including twice today.

On the one end, Messi hit the post twice, and then on the other end, Harry Kane scored from his first clear chance of the match. It brought some confidence back in Spurs but it didn’t last long. One god in the sky watched another play and he couldn’t see him frustrated despite all his efforts. Messi finally strikes in the same corner where he was denied twice showing his persistence to get the ball in that sweet spot.

It was once again the similar move which we have seen often in Messi- Alba link up. Messi played a ball to the left for Alba, and Barcelona left-back cut it back inside the penalty box. Coutinho and Suarez dummied the ball for Messi and he finally got the reward for all the hard work he put into the match.

However, Wembley classic cannot be completely one-sided affair. Home side found another hole when Harry Kane shown his persistence to get the ball back from Barcelona defender and feed it to the man in-form Erik Lamela. Lamela strikes sweetly with his left foot and Ter Stegen was in a position to make a save but Clement Lenglet’s deflection allowed the ball to go into the net.

Now, the scoreline was 2-3. Barcelona were in panic situation knowing one more goal from the host will ruin their classic night at Wembley. But, that goal never arrived for Spurs. Meanwhile, Barcelona has enough time to present one another classic of Messi-Alba partnership.

Alba disposed Sissoko and played for Suarez who dummied it again leaving it for on rushing Lionel Messi. Messi being in one-to-one situation with Hugo Lloris gives his simplest touch to the ball to grab his second of the night to make it 2-4.

If Barcelona no.10 haven’t been unfortunate with hitting the post, he’d have another hat-trick in back to back Champions League game. Messi being a star, Barcelona gave another classic performance at Wembley.

In another group B match, Inter Milan defeated PSV Eindhoven 1-2 to register their second victory as well. It left PSV and Tottenham Hotspur without a point on points table after two match days.


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