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Manchester City vs Liverpool: A slight chance but you can never rule out

Liverpool will be more burdensome at Etihad than Manchester City. I know you must be feeling what rubbish is it? They are 3-0 up and it’s Uefa Champions League quarterfinals. They already have a foot in the semifinals, but that’s where you have mistaken.

Manchester City has got nothing to lose. They have already lost and they only need to give a fight back. They won’t be criticized for not qualifying to the semis, because they have had enough of criticism. Citizens are in a win-win situation, whether they lose or win. They know in their heart that it’s difficult to get past Jurgen Klopp’s side with their 3-0 advantage from the first-leg.

Liverpool has everything at stake here. They are 3-0 up. They’ll be the visitor at Etihad, knowing they can’t allow any slip-up. Can you imagine a team losing in second-leg from first-leg 3-0 advantage? It will be ridiculous to think about it.

Jurgen Klopp will never be able to forgive himself, players will be devastated and nothing to say about fans. You know what it means for Liverpool fans, they are crazy about European football. Manchester City hasn’t still got used to it and it will take time for them to adapt.

Klopp knows it very well. That’s why he insists in his first-leg post-match interview. “It’s only half-time, the game is not over (referring to today’s second-leg at Etihad).” He also warned his team to get ready for the thunderstorm at Etihad in his pre-match press conference on Monday.

Liverpool manager said as The Guardian reports, “I don’t need to remind the players of a specific game. But I saw the game of City vs United at the weekend. It was one of the best first-halves I ever saw. It was like a thunderstorm. Then, in the second-half, they change the game. After the first [United] goal, one team gains rhythm, another team loses rhythm.

“We can go through all scenarios – they score early, we score early, all that stuff – but it is not to plan like this. I can tell the boys ‘score early!’ but I’m not sure that really helps. We have to think about football – what we have to do, where we have to do it. This is half-time. It was same at half-time in Anfield. The game is not over. We are in the lead, nothing else. Being in the lead is not winning. We are still in the lead but we didn’t win so far. We need a little bit more from this game.”

Arsenal legend and SkySport football pundit Ian Wright also warned Liverpool. He said as Daily Star reports, “Two defeats, six goals conceded and all of a sudden there’s a fallibility about Pep Guardiola side which no one expected. It’s why Liverpool will go to the Etihad tonight hot favourites to finish the job in their Champions League second-leg. It’s why I expect Jurgen Klopp’s men to be in Friday’s semi-final draw… as long as they are bold, brave, and fearless.”

He adds, “I know that’s a lot easier to say than do, especially with what is at stake. And there is no doubt City have talents to score the goals. What Liverpool can’t afford to do is sit off, try to contain and hold what they have after last week’s 3-0 win at Anfield. They must have the courage to take them on again like they did in the first-leg.”

Meanwhile, Pep Guardiola has demanded a perfect game from his team. He said, “The only way to play good football is to be positive. To go through you have to make the perfect game, create chances and concede few chances. The chances we receive, we have to defend well. We have 90 minutes and anything can happen. All we are going to do is try.”


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