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In Liverpool vs Manchester City quarterfinal tie, Liverpool were considered underdogs. Manchester City 18 points ahead of them at Premier League summit were favorites, but the first-leg results left everyone stunned. Liverpool lead 3-0 in the tie and we don’t know what holds next in the second leg at Etihad Stadium, but Liverpool proved once again that Anfield doesn’t disappoint on European nights.

Liverpool vs Manchester City has become bigger with Uefa Champions League tie

For European games, the atmosphere at Anfield is scary for the visitors. However, City were the more familiar opponent but they underestimated Liverpool’s experience in the tournament. It wasn’t a Pep Guardiola vs Jurgen Klopp game, Anfield history in Europe is rooted lot deeper. The five-time European champion crushed the Premier League leader within first 30 minutes.

Mohamed Salah, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Sadio Mane put Manchester City on back-foot with their first-half strikes. Salah opened the scoring in the usual fashion as he is the man at the moment. Then, Chamberlain strikes a screamer in typical Steven Gerrard fashion to remind of former Liverpool legend. And Sadio Mane header from Salah’ assist almost ends City fight back at Anfield.

Anfield giants remind City that there is a difference in winning in Premier League and when it comes to play in Europe. European nights demand experience at the knockout stages and it’s not the experience of your coach and players which counts, it’s history of the club.

No English club has more history in the Uefa Champions League competition than Liverpool. Anfield giants have a very rich history in the competition and Anfield have witnessed some of the memorable moments. They can’t allow a team seeking their first European title to dominate term and especially not at Anfield.

Anfield crowd doesn’t care what will happen at Etihad in the second-leg. They have gone home happy after the game at Anfield because their team performance matched the atmosphere they presented at the ground.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp demanded from his players to create their own history. He said, “This club is already full of history and we have to write our own. I meet people who can tell me each goal Liverpool scored 37 years ago. This club needs to be proud of our history but we need to create our own history.”

I can see Klopp’s Liverpool have taken a leap forward in creating their own history. In 2004/05 season Rafael Benitez did it when his team knocked out Chelsea in semifinal who later became Premier League champion. This season we can sense brewing something like that again. Manchester City is going to be Premier League champion of 2017/18 season, but they may be knocked out by Liverpool at quarterfinals stage in Uefa Champions League. Anfield didn’t disappoint once again, Reds need to keep their head held high when they travel to Etihad next week of second-leg.


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