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Uefa Champions League

Jurgen Klopp can’t let go that opportunity

Jurgen Klopp has been there and he knows how difficult it is to finish runners-up and watch champions lifting the trophy in front of your eyes. The German manager was at the helm of Borussia Dortmund when they played in the Uefa Champions League final against Bayern Munich in 2012/13 season. His team lost 2-1 in all German final played at Wembley. Now, the German manager has another opportunity with Liverpool to lift Europe’s elite trophy, and he can’t let go that opportunity.

Klopp’s Liverpool is not the favourite against the mighty Real Madrid, but they have reached the final on their merits. They have faced Europe’s best on their way to the road to Kiev. FC Porto, Manchester City, and AS Roma were their opponent in elimination rounds and they emerged not only the winner but played beautifully against each of these rivals.

Jurgen Klopp needs one last push to become good to a great manager

Jurgen Klopp needs one last push to become good to a great manager. It’s only 90 minutes of football or it may take 120 minutes to decide his greatness against the two time defending champions. He’ll be up against a team who has experience at this level more than any club in the world. They have their best side after late 1960’s team who won five successive European Cup.

The German manager knows the difference between his Liverpool team and continent champion Real Madrid. He has nothing to exploit against Real Madrid experienced side except their belief in themselves. He can’t focus on single tactics against them and he can’t let go that opportunity narrowing his masterplan.

Klopp told Mirror in an interview with Robbie Fowler, “Real Madrid have got no weakness. They are experienced from head to toe.”

He adds, “You saw it, everybody saw it, seems obvious: Marcelo, what an offensive player, but… he can’t defend. They won the Champions League twice, they are again in the final! Bayern Munich thought they were the better team in the two games, but what is better at the end?

Liverpool’s underdog status will help them in Champions League final

“Real need four chances to score twice. Bayern needed eight to score one. Football is not so easy that you can say, ‘if Marcelo makes that run, and we leave Mo Salah there in that space, Salah gets in against Ramos.”

Liverpool boss also added, “There are opportunity for us, we know that – and they know it as well. All the teams said it: against Juve, Real were lucky, against Bayern, they were lucky, but they are the third time in a row in the final, the fourth time in five years, so what does that say?

“Their experience prepares them for the difficult situations, so we will cause them problems and they will cause us problems. And, in the end, we have to be there in the decisive moments, we have to score when we have the chances.”

Klopp knows his front three needs to be clinical with their chances. Real Madrid will surely give you the opportunities with their offensive play, but you need to make the most of it. Otherwise, they’ll clinical with their chances considering Ronaldo finding himself in the box and you won’t get a chance to come back into the game.


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