Champions League heavyweights most likely to face the teams in last 16

Uefa Champions League, Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid

Chelsea may face Barcelona, all four group winners English team would like to avoid Bayern Munich or Real Madrid

Uefa Champions League group stage is over now, and surprisingly some of the heavyweights miss out this season knockout stages. Uefa club association’s coefficient highly ranked teams like Atletico Madrid, Napoli and Borussia Dortmund have failed to make into knockout stages of this season. It makes an easier path for the some of the established teams in Europe, but the competition have been so strong that the defending champions have failed to become the group winners at group stage.

Real Madrid, the 12 time European winner has failed to win their group in last two consecutive seasons. Bayern Munich, FC Porto, Chelsea, Juventus, and Sevilla also joins the twelve time champion as group second finisher.

It makes life difficult for the group winners and last 16 draw become an entertaining draw. We may see some heavyweight clashes in last 16 itself. Manchester United as group A winner could face Bayern Munich, Juventus, Sevilla, Shakhtar Donetsk, FC Porto or Real Madrid. FC Porto and Shakhtar Donetsk will only be the opponent, they’ll be hoping to face at last 16 stage. Bayern Munich, Juventus, Sevilla and Real Madrid will present a tough fight for the Jose Mourinho’s side.

Group B winner PSG will have to face teams like FC Basel, Chelsea, Juventus, Sevilla, Donetsk, Porto and Real Madrid as well. PSG is one of the favorite to win the tournament and they’d like to avoid Chelsea, Juventus or Real Madrid at this early stage. Bayern Munich as group B finisher is finding it little easier for themselves if they avoid group D winner FC Barcelona and group F winner Manchester City. They’ll be happy to play group A winner Manchester United, group C winner AS Roma, group E winner Liverpool, group G winner Besiktas or group H winner Tottenham Hotspur.

Group C winner Roma must be happy to finish as group winner. FC Basel, Bayern, Sevilla, Shakhtar Donetsk, Porto or Real Madrid are the team likely to draw against them. If they could avoid Bayern Munich and Real Madrid at this stage, they’ll have a chance to move forward in the tournament. Chelsea as group second finisher have avoided four English teams. They won’t be facing group A winner Manchester United, group E winner Liverpool, group F winner Manchester City and group H winner Tottenham Hotspur. Blues would like to avoid group B winner PSG and group D winner FC Barcelona, and they will be happy to play Besiktas.

Group D winner Barcelona won’t be facing Spanish side Real Madrid or Sevilla at this stage, but their life would be difficult if they have to face Bayern or Chelsea. The other teams Barcelona could face are Basel, Shakhtar or Porto. It won’t be a tough ride for the Blaugranas if they avoid Bayern or Chelsea. Group D second finisher Juventus have a difficult task facing any of four English sides who have finished as group winners. PSG won’t be an easy ask as well, but Besiktas could earn them a march ahead in last eight.

Group E leader Liverpool would also like to avoid Bayern Munich, Juventus or Real Madrid in last 16 clash. Basel, Shakhtar or Porto won’t create much problem for the Reds at this stage and they’re most likely to move forward in the tournament. Second place Sevilla may have to face one of the three English teams; Manchester United, Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur. They have avoided Barcelona through same country rule and Liverpool due to same group, but other three English teams who have topped their group may haunt them. PSG and AS Roma will also be a threat and only Besiktas will be a relief for the Andulasians.

Group F winner Manchester City will avoid the English opponent, but their journey may end one of the best teams march ahead in the tournament. They are most likely to face FC Basel, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Sevilla, Porto and Real Madrid. A draw against Bayern, Juve or Real will end one of the top team journey and we won’t have best eight teams in the last eight. Second place Shakhtar won’t fancy their chances against the all four group winner English sides; Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. Although, they avoid Man City due to same group, they won’t fancy their chances against Barcelona or against PSG. Besiktas will be a perfect match, otherwise Roma would be a relief.

Group G winner Besiktas would love to play against Basel or Shakhtar, but they’d like to avoid likes of Bayern, Chelsea, Juventus, Sevilla, and Real Madrid. Second placed Porto don’t have a relief situation with the challenges ahead in playing one of the top four English side or facing Barcelona, Roma, and PSG.

Tottenham Hotspur have already earned the accolades winning the group H which included Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Apoel Nicosia. The journey for the North Londoners may take a halt if they have to face Bayern Munich or Juventus. Basel, Sevilla, Shakhtar and Porto won’t be a concern for Mauricio Pochettino side. Second place Real Madrid won’t be much concerned facing any group winning side. It’s the team facing the twelve time champion who will be worried to outclass the defending champion.

It’s good to see all five of the English teams have made their way to last 16. If all of them qualified for last eight, England will once again dominate the European championship stage. Uefa Champions League last 16 will present an entertaining draw and we can’t wait to watch the Monday draw.

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