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Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri is eyeing champions league fairy tale

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We were all surprised by Leicester City performance last season, what they did was unbelievable, and it wasn’t possible without Italian well respected manager Claudio Ranieri. Claudio Ranieri believed in his team and did what a very few can even imagine. Some of us believe it was one fairy tale, but it wasn’t. Ranieri is very wise, he knows it all. He knows his team has suffered in Premier League, staying at 14th position with 12 points, only two points ahead of relegation zone. It wasn’t something which was troubling Ranieri till now, because he has set his priority somewhere else. Yes, you got me right, his priority has moved to champions league.

He wanted to earn respect for his side, who is playing their debut football in champions league. He doesn’t want to represent a forgotten team in Europe in their debut season. He has planned it well, he knows his squad strength, their capacity to compete in one competition at a time, and he utilizes his squad strength.

Every tough Premier League fixture preceded champions league fixture

If you watch closely their matches in Premier League and Champions League, you will find out, after every tough premier league game they have played an European game. It started with a 4-1 defeat against Liverpool on 10th Sept, following which they played club Brugge on 14th Sept in which they defeated them 3-0. Manchester United defeated them 4-1 on 24th Sept, in which Ranieri rested his best played Riyad Mahrez & Jamie Vardy in first-half of that match. On 28th Sept, they played Porto in Champions league and defeated them 1-0.

On 15th Oct, they played Chelsea lost 3-0, and on 19th they defeated Copenhagen 1-0. They played a 1-1 draw on 29th Oct against Tottenham Hotspur, and in next match on 3rd Nov, they had a 0-0 draw against Copenhagen. And, not to forget Watford defeated them 2-1 in Premier League on 19th Nov, and once again they become victorious in champions league on 23rd against Club Brugge.

Every defeat in Premier League get succeeded with a win in Europe. Ranieri has set his priority like a wise man, without revealing much in detail. He wanted a fairy tale ending of his club champions league debut, and he has been successful uptil now, leading his club into top 16 winning group G.

Claudio Ranieri said,“It’s not important [who Leicester play in the last 16], believe me. I hope to be there in good condition. The name is not important. It will be another fairytale, win or lose. I don’t know which team we’ll play but it’ll be a fantastic team. It’s unbelievable, top of the group. I am very happy and very proud for my players, very happy for the chairman and the fans. It’s another journey through to the knockout – unbelievable.”

“It’s very important to top the group, now our minds must go on the Premier League. I want to push my players to think about the Premier League now our job is done. Now we have to go back into the Premier League as we are very close to the relegation zone and we must play at the same level of the Champions League.” as reported in SkySports.

You can sense his priority from his words. He was very intelligent to hide his feelings and setting champions league as his first priority. He knows it’s going to be tough in Premier League this time, with huge investments of top teams, and change in management level of bigger teams, bringing in new managers. He moved his focus to champions league, and he has been successful. If things goes well, and continues this way, we don’t know they may win champions league in their debut season.


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