Football finals are no more exciting

Football finals are no more exciting to the viewers. We all want some exciting football, nerve wrecking moments and loads of goals in a final match. But, we are getting some dull football, no goals and a defensive match in a final event. On Sunday, Portugal wins against France in Euro 2016 final. It was a poor example of final match, all the expectations and viewers dreams goes in vain with a final match like this. We don’t want an extra-time match, when the first 90 minutes is not exciting, we don’t want a penalty shootout when both of the teams didn’t even try to win the match in regular time.

The excitement, energy and entertaining value of the finals is going down. New football fans join to watch a final match, those who don’t know much about football get excited to watch a final match and if they don’t get what they were expecting, it’s not healthy for the football. The craze will go down and football will not be more than football anymore.

germany world cup champions 2014

In recent times, it has become more dull and goals are not coming in a final match. It has become too predictable, we don’t even watch the first 90 minutes, we get ready for extra-time and penalty shootout. We watched 2014 World Cup final, it was an extra-time goal from Mario Gotze which wins Germany world cup. In 2016, alone we have three major finals which was dull and waste of time to watch.

Champions league final of 2016 was a recap of 2014. Atletico Madrid played against Real Madrid, which ended 1-1 draw in normal time. It leds to penalty and Real Madrid won 5-3 on penalties. It wasn’t that bad but the goals were missing because both side were a good defensive units. In Copa America final Argentina- the best team of the tournament lost to Chile 4-2 on penalties and in Euro 2016 final Portugal wins 1-0 in extra-time against the host France.

Messi is crying after loosing against Chile in Copa America final

The teams management are opting for defensive play and players try as much as possible to defend. The goals are drying up, teams are loosing their roots and they are compromising with their values. When two defensive unit fights, the goal dries up, we can understand that but two attacking teams  get unable to shoot it’s a worrying sign. You are not playing your own style of football and sometimes it misfires as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored 16 goals in this Champions League season alone but he couldn’t find the net in final. Atletico Madrid dreams shattered but it was due to their lack of own footballing abilities to perform at the highest level. Argentina lost Copa America, a team who scored 18 goals in the tournament in five matches couldn’t find the net in final on one single occasion. Although, referee did play his part forcing both teams to play with 10 men but there was plenty of time and space to find nets. It was a defensive play which led them to loose the game. In Euro 2016, France lost to Portugal on pure luck in final with Eder magic.


The finals are getting dull and football excitement taking a toll. The rules of games are same that you have to score goals but the teams have molded the formula. They are opting to defend as much as they can and try to gamble in last minutes of play left. This gamble most of times cost them dearly when they loose against unfavorites of the tournament. They think it’s their personal decision which help in win some loose some math but it is jeopardizing the image of football itself. The game of football which is regarded as more than football is loosing its value. Football finals are no more exciting and the beauty of the game is loosing its shine.

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