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Paco Alcacer Europe's best supersub


Lucien Favre has mastered the supersub formula with Paco Alcacer

We thought that days are gone for supersubs. We no longer have players who can consistently come off the bench and influence the game. Last we heard of a supersub, during Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) spell at Manchester United. Then, Olivier Giroud maintained the supersub role at Chelsea to some extent. But Lucien Favre has mastered the supersub formula with Paco Alcacer at Borussia Dortmund.

The new coach combination with Barcelona loanee using him as a substitute is reaping rewards for Dortmund. Favre plays a false no.9 in Marco Reus or Mario Gotze in starting of the match and Paco Alcacer replaces someone in the second-half to join as centre-forward in their lineup and change the course of the match.

It has been consistent so far in Borussia Dortmund’s game. Paco Alcacer has scored 10 Bundesliga goals in only 8 appearances and in six of them he came as a substitute. He equalled Gert Dorfel’s 1963 record, but with lesser playing time.

He has played total of 281 minutes of game in Bundesliga. It means he has scored a goal every 28 minutes of game he has played. I guess, no one can beat him in Europe with this record. And, he’s definitely the supersub everyone dreams to have in his team.

Lucien Favre is taking his time to give him a starting role. He has only two starts so far. We can also say that he wants him to play as a substitute as his lucky charm. Alcacer may not be able to produce the same impact playing in starting XI. He started against Wolfsburg but he goes without scoring.

The lesser time he has spent on the pitch in a particular match, he has been more influential. Lucien Favre describes this formula as a patience game. After 2-0 victory over Freiburg, Dortmund’s coach told official website, “We played with more patience and with more speed at the right moment. It’s not easy to destabilize Freiburg. We had combinations in the penalty area. They were needed.”

I guess, finding fresh centre-forward on the bench when Favre thinks to speed up the game and bring mobility is earning fruit for him. It’s his winning combination; when opponent is tired and taking it easy, he launches his rocket to fire. Alcacer so far has been his rocket launcher and it has been successful move. We can say that Lucien Favre has mastered the supersub formula with Paco Alcacer.


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